District Directors

Joe & Debbie Gattenby

Assistant District Directors

Kathy & Denny Chesnut

Senior District Advisors

Jack & Doris Schoeck

Newsletter Editor

Ann Whithorn


District Rider Educator

Rick & Carolyn Stevens


Assistant District Rider Educator

Bob & Barb Brown

District Membership Enhancement Coordinator

Chris & Michelle Grooms

District Historian

Kathy & Dennis Chesnut

District Treasurer

Carolyn Stevens

SR District Treasurer

Judy Eggleston

Couple of the Year Coordinators

Chapter of the Year Coordinators

David & Theresa McDonald

District University Coordinator

Doris & Jack Schoeck

District Motorist Awareness Coordinator

Steve & Terri Bockhaus

District Event Coordinator

Kit & Donna Sand

 District Webmaster

Dale & Georgeanna Tritsch

GWRRA University Trainer

Bob Brown

UTDP University Trainers

Jack Schoeck & Joe Magnant

 Frank Patton Award

Dale & Georgeanna Tritsch

MEC Coordinator

Chris & Michelle Grooms

District Ride Coordinator

Gary & Reba Ohler

District Patch Lady

Theresa McDonald


316 621 1483

All are volunteers. Be sure to let them know you appreciate their contribution to GWRRA