Rider Ed Schedule

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Your Kansas Rider Education Team will have dates posted below when they are available.

The Riding Courses
   (see the Rider Course info below)

*watch the Special Notice page for course dates

We will now do the training at the Motorcycle Rider Education Range at Towne West Square on West Kellogg behind the Town and County restaurant. 

To enroll in any of the riding classes email Rick Stevens at rickstevens@gwrraks.com. Once you enroll you will receive detailed information about the course you chose.

As always, we encourage the riders to bring their Co-Rider with them. They get credit for participating if they are in the Levels program and they pay zero for their attendance.

Rick Stevens and Bob Brown are looking forward to having you join us in one or more of the sessions.
                                   ‘Practice Makes Permanent! You are what you Practice!”

Please contact me if you have any further Questions
Rick Stevens   rickstevens@gwrraks.com
Rick Stevens,  District Educator

Course Designations

traditional 2-wheel motorcycles (ARC)
most styles of trikes (TRC)
motorcycles with the add-on kits (AORC and sidecar rigs (SRC)
two wheel (TC) and three wheel motorcycles (TTRC) pulling trailers.
2-wheel Recertification class (ARC-R) and a 3-wheel Recertification class (TRC-R)

MSF experienced rider course (BRC2)

If there is enough interest we will be having a Road Captain Course (RCC) as well. Remember that just because you take the RCC doesn’t mean you are obligated to be a group leader or drag (last bike information). It means you learned how to be a super good group rider. We will do a chapter MFA class, and some of the neat University modules if requested. Bob & I are ITCP certified to present these very informative modules and have fun doing them.